Remembering women - ha Zo’hrot

Documentary. 2004 • France • 67 min • DVCAM • VO
Cinematography : Guy Davidi, Jacqueline Gesta et Ala’ Abu Goush - Sound : Benjamin Marcus
Editing : Jacqueline Gesta

Les SouvenantesLes SouvenantesLes SouvenantesLes Souvenantes

Les SouvenantesLes SouvenantesLes SouvenantesLes Souvenantes

 Synopsis. Double dimension of a  journey through Israel: a vertical one through 50 yars war and an horizontal one focusing on its main concern, the land.Four Israeli women from different generations talk about their relations with the Palestinian and the almost continuous conflict since the creation of the Hebrew state.Their rebellious words and unavoidable scars express a resistance which is unexpected in the middle or such a daily violence.

Memory in progress like opposite shots of mark ofs the wounds hidden in the bushes or bloque by an eucalyptus grove.

In the movie, the translator does this this memory  work because he has become a pacifist after witnessing thr palestinian Exodus one again in 1967. The path from an idiom to another can be the way to  comprehension and  acceptation of  the other.

Original version :

les souvenantes from Jacqueline on Vimeo.