The mother of HAMZA

Documentary. 2008 • France • 92 min • DVCAM •
Cinematography : Guy Davidi, Jacqueline Gesta et Ala’ Abu Goush - Sound : Benjamin Marcus
Editing : Jacqueline Gesta
" seuil
une femme assise
vieille veille
où porte son regard ? "

cartecarte disparitiondame assiseimage exode

lameredehamzala valiseoliviers habitspoussiere




Despite the historical disaster lived by the Palestinains in 1948, how can we explain the persistance of an identity whose regognition is a key to a solution in the Middle-East conflict ? Son inherit accurate memories of this contry from their mothers. Even if it does no longer exist as it used to, it is still able to cement people.

Maps, old photos, objects, keys...and the border is crossed. Near a field of concrete, under a huge garbage pile, the mosque of the old picture is still here. In the refugee camp where the mother the moter stopped, the son is building his house.

In the film, this memory is transmitted in Arabic. Emergences, repetitions, traces : the translation as edited in the film shows the slow inscription in History.

1 Version wtih English subtitles

Langue ArabeUM HAMZA 2 Version with Arabic subtitles